History of KCYM

The birth of the Movement

In 1972 September, Mar Mathew Pothanamuzhy, the 1st Bishop of Kothamangalam diocese proclaimed for youth movement through "Deivaragyam", the diocesan bulletin. On the occasion of St. Thomas centenary, on December 3rd 1972, a seminar was held for the youth of the diocese and it resulted in the formation of the Diocesan youth committee with Fr. Paul Kodamully as the Director and Mr. A. J. Devasya as the General secretary. They followed the motto "Service- the symbol of love". On 20th October 1972, the bylaws of the Movement were signed by His Excellency the Bishop and the Movement was named as "Catholic Youth Organization" (C.Y.O.). Then the "Catholic youth Organization was renamed as "Catholic Youth Movement" by the Senate committee held on Sept. 1981. During the period 1985-1991, the youth movement struggled a lot for the existence, but helped in developing spiritual face for the Movement.

The New Face of the Movement

In 1991 May Fr. Mathew Thottathimali was appointed as the director of Youth Apostolate by the Bishop. In 1991 July, the Movement was given a new face. The movement was named as “Yuvadeepthi”. There after the objective was “Integral development of catholic youth and total liberation of human society in accordance with the Christian values”.

In 1992 March, after conducting seminars and Retreats for one year, under the leadership of the Director a new diocesan committee was selected. In the committee held on 19th March at Jeevajyothi Mr. Jomi Thekkekkara was elected as the general secretary.

Spiritual Renewal

In May 1993 Fr. Sebastian Kochupurackal was appointed as the Diocesan Director. During this period, a retreat team was formed and Mr. Vinu Memury was the co-ordinator. From 1996, KCYM state level decided that the KCYM in Every Diocese should follow a common policy. So the Yuvadeepthi team of Kothamangalam took the subject “Simple life and spiritual movement of Youth” “Metanoia”, the youth convention held at Nirmala college, Muvattupuzha boosted the strength of Yuvadeepthi in 1997.

Social Renewal
“Yuvadeepthi” conducted protests against social injustice and programmes for orientation. The protest against Abortion was a remarkable one. Yuvadeepthi extended their hands and protected the people who struggled from natural calamities. “To own Jesus” was named as “Course on Dynamic Involvement” (C.D.I.). The first CDI director was Rev. Fr. Sebastian Kochupurackal and the first leader was Mr. Sunny Kadoothazhe. In December, Diocese council was conducted. During this council, Mr. Sunny Kadoothazhe from Chempakapara unit & Mr. Shibu Malil from Kuruppumpadi unit was selected as the diocesean president and general secretary respectively. Many important programmes in the history of Yuvadeepthi were conducted this Year. Protest against the “Alcohol consumption” was an important one. Many Youth volunteers were arrested in this connection. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Kochupurackal, Mr. Sunny Kadoothazhe, Mr. Binoy Madathil and Mr. Vinu Memury were kept in jail for 3 days. All these activities were strengthening the youth movement. In May 26, Fr. George Kuzhippillil was appointed as the Diocesean drector and Sr. Sevana MSJ as the Animator.

Bringing up of Youth
The second youth convention “Exodus-98” was conducted on September and 600 young people participated in this programme. The convention made the youth team more active. The result was known, when they won the overall championship in the state level. 16 members participated in the National youth convention at Delhi. The churuly parish member Teena Kollamparambil got the KCBC youth award. The awareness program conducted on the topic “The attack on human life” got great attention from the common people. “Srishti-99” was conducted for the Diocese and forane leaders to make them more active. Building up of village roads and home visits at Makuvallil led to the building of 2 bridges. In 2000, Pallikkamuri unit member Mr. Jais Vattapilli was selected as the president. A youth convention named as “Ecclesia 2000” was conducted at Pavanathma college Murickassery and 800 youth participated. ‘Jubilee Night - 2000’ and ‘Aadhmanubhav -2000’ were conducted and it enlightened the youths. Mr. Sunny Kadoothazhe received the KCBC youth award in the 2000 and Mr. Sunny Kadoothazhe was selected as the State KCYM president on this Year.